New Year 2019
Welcome 2019! I am so happy to see the new year, another fresh start. Glad to see the end to what was a difficult year for some of us, particularly the losses of loved ones. We were greatly affected. Brandy tragically lost her Mom unexpectedly. I spent many nights catching her tears and I want you to know that this girl has the heart of a warrior and she has poured all of that passion and love into rescue. She’s done amazing things with some of the rescues, I foresee great things coming this year. It goes without saying that our fearless leader, Jeff Nix’s death sent shockwaves through the lives of all of his followers. But the affect it had on our lives - his Admins and friends - was incredible, and the avalanche that followed we all could have done without. I know that Brandy and I and the others still reminisce, laugh, and cry... I lost seven dear, good friends and classmates, and four of our sweet Boxers. I discovered that it’s impossible to run out of tears. They will keep coming as long as you need them to. We lost Webster, my sweet Tucker, Barnaby, and Papi, and every one for a different reason, every one ripped my heart wide open. It comes with the territory when you give sanctuary to elderly and special needs Boxers but no one expects that kind of unexpected. BUT - we began NBR in early October and have had minor stumbling blocks and overall success with many great rescues and wonderful adoptions! We have met some very grateful souls that will keep us on track to save more. Boxers smile in many ways and they say “thank you” in many more. Once you have been graced with their appreciation for saving them from a really shitty situation you just can’t quit. So we are geared up for the new year. We have met a lot of fantastic people who really work their tails off in the name of rescue. This country is humming every day with people seriously going all-out for dogs and I honor you all. We’ve also seen the aftermath of uncaring and hurtful people who don’t have the same respect we do for the animals. They are mostly why we are needed in the first place. Education doesn’t seem to work when humans just don’t care. That’s where ‘the village’ comes in. We can’t rescue well without donations. All of you help with that. We also depend on the shelters to keep the dogs safe and alive until we can get to them. We have used transports when necessary to get a dog to a certain location. Fosters are crucial until a great adopter is approved. And of course the veterinarians are priceless. It literally takes a village and that thought runs through my mind at least a couple times a day. So with all of that said, I look forward to working with all of you in putting a smile on as many beautiful Boxer faces as we are able to within our means. I say within our means because every dog takes anywhere from $120 to use your imagination... depending on what health issues are discovered, and none of these dogs come completely healthy. Most come with kennel cough, a stomach virus, and worms at least. Creative fundraising ideas are welcome!😊